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Texas Multiple Award Schedule - TXMAS Contract # 8-736060

Diedria Joseph - President

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SIN 736 1

Receptionist 15.94

Operates multi-line telephone equipment, directs calls, takes messages, greets and announces visitors. Provides visitors with routine information. Opens, sorts, and distributes routine mail. May operate standard office equipment and do light alpha/numeric filing. The ability to type at least 30-40 wpm. Communicate effectively in a professional manner both by telephone and in person. Proficient in ability to operate a calculator, copy machine, facsimile and other standard office machinery. Ability to work from both oral and written instructions. Performs entry-level work operating a telephone switchboard or console system making proper telephone connection for incoming and outgoing calls. Supplying information to callers, recording messages and keeping records of calls, and performing related dispatch duties or clerical tasks. Duties may include light clerical tasks

Secretary I 19.40

Minimum one (1) year previous work related experience to perform routine secretarial duties. Previous experience using personal computers and specific software; i.e. Microsoft Word, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, etc. Must type 30-40 wpm. Dictation may be required and shall include machine dictation. Experience with Gregg shorthand at 50-90 wpm is a plus.

Secretary II 21.82

Minimum two (2) year previous secretarial and word processing experience necessary. Will perform more of an Administrative level. Knowledge of proper English, spelling and punctuation. Type from complex handwritten material of dictation. Knowledge of Gregg shorthand at 60-100 wpm is a plus. Compose and edit routine correspondence. Must be detail oriented, and able to work with minimum of supervision. Must type a minimum of 40-50 wpm. Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and etc

Secretary III 25.6

Minimum three (3) years pervious work related experience; must type minimum 60-70 wpm, be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and other word processing and data base applications. Will perform more of an Executive level. Responsibilities include but are not limited to performing complex administrative and secretarial functions as well as assisting staff and others concerning expediting work in an office setting, including typing various confidential documents such as letters, memoranda s and reports. Receives screens and route telephones calls, maintains events/meeting calendar and administrative files; coordinates meetings; reserves facilities and equipment; receives and distributes incoming mail; research various issues. Dictation may be required and shall include machine dictation. Experience with Gregg shorthand at 90-120 wpm is a plus.

Secretary IV 30.39

Minimum four (4) year pervious secretarial experience in a specified technical secretarial field. Experience using personal computers and specific software; i.e., Microsoft Word, and Word for Windows, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel etc. Skilled in typing minimum of 50 wpm. Dictation may be required and shall include machine dictation. Knowledge of Gregg shorthand at 90-120 wpm is a plus.

General Clerk I 11.69

Minimal experience. Performs routine office or clerical duties including filing. Does not usually require typing. May operate simple office machines. Works under close supervision.

General Clerk II 15.21

Must type 30 wpm. Previous work experience in a clerical position for a minimum of 6 months, unless otherwise specified. General clerks will be capable of performing a variety of clerical tasks, including but not limited to, typing letters/forms/etc; receives, screens and routes telephone calls; alpha/numeric filing of administrative documents; copies and staples documents; receives and distributes incoming mail, follows directions, prepares mail outs and may require handling of checks or money.

General Clerk III 17.18

Performs a wide variety of intermediate level clerical tasks. Including, but not limited to posting figures, coding, cross-referencing, addressing envelopes, stuffing, alpha/numeric filing, collating, opening and distributing mail; operating photocopying equipment, ten-key adding machine and other standard office machine. Will sometimes answer phones and take message. Must be able to communicate effectively in a professional manner. Must have clerical experience of 6-12 months. Ability to follow oral and written instructions, and have the ability to type 35-40 wpm.

General Clerk IV 20.01

Performs all the duties of a General Clerk I, II, and III addition to more advance clerical work in areas such as bookkeeping, inventory control, statistics, employment, human resources, purchasing, and accounting. May perform research, compile data, setting up statistical reports and may be responsible for initiation and completion of projects. Knowledge of Microsoft word, and a minimum typing speed of 40-50 wpm.

KeyEntry/DataEntryI 16.62

Minimum one (1) year experience. To performs routine data entry work. Work involves entering data, maintaining files and documentation and providing clerical/secretarial support. Spends 75 to 100 percent of work time inputting into the computer. Minimum 8,000 key strokes per hour.

KeyEntry/DataEntryII 19.61

Minimum two (2) year related experience, knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and/or other related computer software. Responsibilities include but are not limited to operation of a personal computer and or a network station to input a variety of data: compiles and ensures information s is complete and accurate generates reports and other information. Experience in document or record imaging a plus, May require handling checks or money. Must type minimum of 50 wpm and minimum 12,000 keystrokes per hour.

Accounting Clerk I 14.33

Minimum of one (1) years experience in an accounting or financial environment, 10-key by touch. Must be knowledgeable in word processing and Excel. Responsibilities but are not limited to performing a variety of clerical accounting functions, opening mail, handling checks and money. Preparing invoices for payment, verifying amounts, codes, and maintaining ledgers, journal and summary reports. Must be able to compile routine statistical information. May post information into the computer. Minimum typing speed 30-40 wpm. Works under close supervision.

Accounting Clerk II 17.04

Minimum of two (2) year experience. Performs routine bookkeeping and accounting clerical work or fiscal record keeping. Work involves performing one or more aspects of accounting clerical work, but is usually not responsible for maintaining a complete set of books. Performs basic inquiry and key entry using a computer terminal 10-key by touch. Other basic duties to include sorting and filing batches, pulling documents to correct destinations, classifying accounting documents; posting journals registers or ledgers; balancing accounts; performing mathematical computations; and typing reports. Ability to perform repetitive activities. Minimum typing speed 40-50 wpm Works under moderate supervision

Accounting Clerk III 19.49

Minimum of three (3) years experience in an accounting or financial environment, 10-key by touch. Must be knowledgeable in word processing and Excel. Performs assigned accounting functions requiring in depth knowledge of an organizations financial systems. Works under general supervision May help prepare trial balance and basic financial statements. Associate Degree in accounting.

Accounting Clerk IV 22.89

Minimum of four (4) years experience in an accounting or financial environment, 10-key by touch. Must have pervious supervisory skills. Supervises and delegates work to staff accountants. May be classified according to area supervised such as payables and receivables. Assists in the analysis of financial statements, Accounting degree with CPA preferred. May recommend future financial plans and policies.

Word Processor I 16.79

Operates any of the word processing systems or personal computer available in the marketplace for the purpose of creating and /or revising documents for final copy. Ability on the system may also including record processing, glossary creations, demonstrations, software testing and updating. Must be able to type 40-50 wpm.

Word Processor II 20.97

Perform all the duties of a word processor through the use of a word processor or personal computer Typing of a minimum of 55-65 wpm with two years word processing experience.

Word Processor III 23.32

Performs all the duties of a word processing operator in addition to performing complex word processing work and related work as assigned. Three years word processing experience and typing a minimum of 70-80 wpm.

Mailroom Clerk 17.88

Performs routine tasks including receiving, sorting and delivering the mail. Distributes and collects department mail. May maintain records on postage, registrations of mail and packages.

SIN 736 2

Computer Operator I 16.85

Monitors and manipulates console controls in routine computer operations. Operates peripheral equipment. Maintains routine records and may maintain tape library. Normally 3-12 months experience.

Computer Operator II 18.50

Performs more complex computer operations tasks, such as determining setup, scheduling jobs, and executing non-routine jobs. Assist in training lower level operators. Requires 1-2 year experience.

Computer Operator III 20.96

Schedules and coordinates daily computer operations. Distributes and verifies work. Trains Operators in procedures and resolve operational problems. Requires 2-3 years experience.

Computer Operator IV 23.02

Oversees all computer operations within the organization. Supervises Operators and ensures that all processing is run according to schedules and that equipment is maintained properly. Requires over 3 years computer operations experience.

Computer Operator V 25.01 Oversees the supervisors and operators. Keeps all the supervisor and operators trained on updated information to support the computer operations. Managing all operations, manufacturing of the operations. Receiving, maintaining, and issuing data storage media for computer operations; collecting and sequentially staging input media with associated program instructions for processing; scheduling the use of computer time for program processing; collecting, maintaining and distributing program and systems documentation; and collecting raw information, preparing flow charts, and coding in program languages. Require knowledge of the functions of the various computer features and the skilled to read, interpret, and correctly respond to information in the form in which it is transmitted through the computer system.

Peripheral Eqpt. Op 20.94

Schedule & control sequence of printouts, operate a remote on-line terminal, use JES commands to properly set laser page printer, impact printer & data transfer system, monitor printer output for format, paper size, color & quantity. Constantly monitor system for halts, delays, production error, eqpt & paper jams. Correct mechanical malfunction, perform preventative maint, e.g. add dry ink, adj feeder & belts, cleansing the tape drive, carbon lamps. Etc. Able to operate mainframe attached Xerox Laser Printer. The ability to lift 50 lbs.

Computer Programmer I 25.30

Performs routine assignments, which normally require following detailed specifications. Requires knowledge of one or more applications languages. Normally requires a degree and 1-2 years specialized training.

Computer Programmer II 28.63

Plans, develops, test, and documents computer programs, working from detailed source data. May prepare program documentation and materials for users. Normally requires a degree and 1-3 years of related experience.

Computer Programmer III 34.74

Supervising the operation of the controls of the digital computer system. Also included are positions involving the operation of peripheral equipment when such equipment is used directly in support of computer operations; and the operation of such equipment is directly related to acquiring the knowledge and skills needed in operating the control console of a computer system. Requires a degree and at least three (3) years related experience.

Computer Programmer IV 41.05

Works on complex computer requiring in depth knowledge of an organizations operations procedures and information technology capability. May assist other programmers with difficult problems. Requires a degree and at least 4 years related experience.

SIN 736 3

Stock Clerk 17.84

Stock clerks and order fillers receive, unpack, check, store, and track merchandise or materials. They keep records of items entering or leaving the stockroom and inspect damaged or spoiled goods. They sort, organize, and mark items with identifying codes, such as prices or stock or inventory control codes, so that inventories can be located quickly and easily.

Material Handling 23.52

Laborer: Performs general warehouse work. Loads and unloads trucks or pallets; moves materials from loading or storage areas to production areas; checks incoming materials against bills of lading or orders; puts containers of cardboard boxes together, packs materials for shipment. Counts and sorts stock items; posts to inventory sheets of tickets; transfer materials from production area/assembly area to storage as distribution area; fill orders; stores finished materials according to an established system. Knowledge of forklift operations and capable of moving heavy loads.

Warehouse Specialists 20.84

No Description

Material Coordinator 24.69

Performs routine stock and record keeping work. Work involves shipping receiving storing or issuing equipment materials or supplies; maintaining records; and preparing report. Duties to include, but not limited to lifting of boxes, furniture, and miscellaneous items weighing 20 to 65 lbs. Must be able to operate two-wheel and /or four-wheel dolly.

SIN 736 4

Desk Clerk 15.69

Perform work involved in receiving and directing persons who call or visit office, and giving them information in person or by telephone concerning the organization, functions, activities, and personnel of such agencies, installations, or offices. Mailing any correspondence if necessary.

Cashier 13.35

Responds to customer inquiries. Locates and shows items in stock. Arranges stock and replenishes as needed. Priced individual items. Operates computerized register or scanners and works under general supervision.


Topp Knotch Personnel’s policy on equal employment opportunity prohibits discrimination based on—among other things—race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other protected status or characteristic. This policy applies to recruiting, hiring, transfers, promotions, terminations, compensation, benefits, and all other terms and conditions of employment, and also states that retaliation against any employee who files a complaint regarding possible violations of this policy will not be tolerated. Topp Knotch Personnel is also committed to taking affirmative steps to promote the employment of minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans. Every year, Topp Knotch Personnel develops affirmative action programs to support its commitment to equal employment opportunity, consistent with company policy and the company’s obligations as a contractor to the United States government.

Topp Knotch Personnel is an Equal Opportunity Employer — minorities/females/veterans/individuals with disabilities/sexual orientation/gender identity. VEVRAA Federal Contractor

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